Implant Placement

Placement Of Dental Implant

Implant placement is a painless, minimal invasive, traumatic procedure which is done under local anesthesia in a normal dental chair unit. The procedure doesn’t take much time and there are no restrictions in maintaining normal routine activities. (Off course not heading to play baseball)

The implants are placed and left for 3-4 months for the osseointegeration and in meantime patient can wear temporary prosthesis. Then one or two weeks are given as gingival healing caps are placed over the implants to achieve natural contour of gingiva. After that the prosthesis is delivered.

• Am I eligible for implants bearing prosthesis?

Person having a missing tooth / teeth and leading a healthy life and activities are the candidates for implants.

• Dental implants may not be placed in:

1. Chain smokers
2. Patients with endocrine disorders like uncontrolled diabetes, pituitary and adrenal insufficiency
3. Having active infections like tuberculosis, temporal flu etc.
4. Active lesions like cyst, abscess, etc.
5. Anatomical restrictions like insufficient space for implant placement.
6. Social restrictions like psychological disorders.
7. Patient on certain medicaments like corticosteroids.
8. Patients with bone disorders like fibrous dysplasia etc.
9. Patients with hematological disorders like hemophilia.